.Previously there have only been a few dive sites in Lombok.There has been rapid development of diving tourism in Lombok leading to Bagus Divers discovering and making available new dive sites.Well known sites are all on the north west coast of Lombok..New choises for Bagus Divers clients include East Lombok and south Lombok(in coperation with Lombok`s biggest dive operator).Bagus divers can also take you adventure diving in Sumbawa.Each dive site has its own highlights.

Lombok East Sumbawa -P.Moyo
Tree Gilis
South Lombok
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These three small islands offer a range of diving from beginners to experienced divers.
This is a new dive site with small and unpopulated mangrove or sand islands.Under water life,including extra ordenary soft and branched corals is untouched.
Bagus Divers cooperate with the biggest lombok dive operator to offer opportunity to dive another untouched area that is restricted to experienced divers who have logged 50 dives or more.The reason being because of the difficulty with the strong currents and swell.
This is a very large island next to Lombok..Divers stay in Sumbawa Besar(capital of Sumbawa) and dive around Moyo island which is a one hour boat ride from the mainland.
From Mataram(capital of Lombok) to Sumbawa Besar is a five hour journey by car and ferry.You can also fly to Sumbawa which takes 45 minutes.

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