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The islands of east lombok are very different to the islands in the north because of their remoteness.they are uninhabited and the untouched coral reefs are a must to see.
The water is crystal clear with small sandy islands.This area is located between Sumbawa and east lombok.this area is good also for fish watching and macro diving.

東ロンボク  ダイブデー
From Senggigi or Mataram to Labuhan pandan is
two hours car ride with many interesting things to see a long the way.From labuhan pandan its a twenty five minute boat ride to many many dive sites.After the first dive you will enjoy a nice lunch on one of the many sandy islands which you can explore at your leisure between dives.After the scond dive its back to labuhan pandan for your return journey home.

.You can dive all year around except january to beginning of march which is the rainy season and some of the islands have mangrove during this time it can discolour the water.

This area is ideal for all divers from beginner. to the more experienced.

All dives are boat entry and are mainly a slow and relaxing drift dive where you will be picked up upon survicing.On the very odd occasion you may experience a strong current so take advice from your experienced instructor who know this area very well.


The visibility ranges from 10 metres in the rainy season to 35 meters the rest of the year.with the water temperature between 25〜29℃

Because these are remote reefs as well as coral gardens there is abundance of fish life such as.coral fish,shoals of jackfish,trevally,yellow tails as well as turtle,stingrays and the odd reef shark.

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